The first OnePlus foldable smartphone will be the Oppo Find N

Have you ever seen a new phone and thought to yourself, “I’ve seen something hauntingly similar before?” That’s not only because all phones are starting to look the same; with each month that passes, there are more and more rebrandings. Xiaomi and its sub-brands Redmi and Poco are likely the most guilty of this, but Oppo and OnePlus are also no strangers to it. They’re at it again, according to a fresh rumor.

According to reports, OnePlus will release a foldable smartphone this year, and it’ll be the Oppo Find N, which we’ve already seen. Of course, it’ll go by a different name, but the source of today’s story claims that’ll be the only real difference between the two. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when this model will be available, and it can’t come soon enough – the Find N is an excellent device that Oppo refuses to launch internationally for some reason, despite the fact that it has sparked the most international interest of any Oppo product in recent years.

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